A+ Screensaver Creator

Create screensavers from your own images

This "Screensaver Maker" allows you to create your very own screen savers which displays your own photos, including the popular JPEG photo format. You can even add your own sound files to your screensaver, including MP3 files. This is a free trial, but those who register will also receive a free video screensaver with each purchase.

Not only can you view your own photos and play your own sound files, but you can also view your own MPEG or AVI video files. Pictures can be displayed randomly or sequentially in order, and you can stretch your images full-screen, tile multiple images at once, fade pictures, overlap images, slide images, view with picture frames around images, and much more. You can even use this to create your own screensaver theme.

A+ Screensaver Creator


A+ Screensaver Creator 3.25